progress at the lake

back from a surprise birthday trip with my husband to the most beautiful place on earth…. anguilla.

Image 9

(this was the view from our room…ahhh) anyway. back to reality.

i’ve managed to finish a couple of projects here at the lake, and i thought i would post a few pics.

i’ve shown pictures before of the ottoman that i reupholstered with my beautiful kuba cloth from south africa, but i just finished the pillow to go with. i’m really pleased with how everything finished up. the other kuba on the chair is one that my sister sent me from her trip to kenya, and we’re going to hang that on the wall above the windows in the family room….pictures coming soon.


i also stitched up these two pillows from a vintage hmong baby carrier. here is the baby carrier in it’s original beauty:

as it turns out, i’m not the only one who’s made progress today. jim caught his first fish of the season this morning…

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